Invest. Grow. Disrupt.

Gravaton exists to change our world from the outside in. We believe in decentralising everything "to the edge of the network" and are trying our best to do that meaningfully through agriculture, energy creation and digital currencies.


Centralised food supply chains are bad for just about everyone and everything except the middle-men who created them. We are working to change that by empowering communities to produce world class agricultural products and selling direct to their consumers.


South Africa has abundant renewable energy. Eneromics specialises in Hydro and Solar development, primarily intended for crypto mining, but also to bolster the national grid's tragic energy instability.


As the great catalyst of our time, Gravaton speaks and breathes technology. With extensive experience in regulated and unregulated payment technology, as well as embedded IoT and electronic engineering skills, Gravaton brings technology to energy, agriculture and payments as our core differentiator.